Be Sure Your Builder Finds The Best Designer For YOU!

Having a home built? When the question of interior design comes up, as it most definitely should, your builder may tell you they have it covered. In other words, they’ll supply their own designer who will, at least in theory, help create an interior to your liking.

Unfortunately, that scenario comes with a number of potential problems—for you.

Whose interior is this anyway?

When an interior designer is imposed upon you, that generally means there’s a predetermined agenda between the builder and the designer. No, it’s not some evil agenda by any means. But it does have at least one major flaw: it doesn’t put you first.

From one perspective, it’s understandable that a builder brings in their own interior designer. It’s convenient for them to essentially control everything. They may have found a go-to interior designer that’s a good fit for them. But how about from your perspective—the perspective that should really matter most? After all, you’re paying the bills. Consider the following crucial concerns:

Quality. The builder is in charge of the budget. They may encourage their interior designer to suggest products, styles, and materials—potentially of a lesser quality—that they already have in bulk.

So what does that mean for, say, your carpeting three years from now?

Style. The builder may have a tacit agreement with the designer that basically goes like this: Don’t make my life hard. When we build a home, we like to do things in a certain style. It’s a pain when we have to deviate too much, so try to steer the client appropriately.

Where, then, does that leave your style?

Selection. Your builder’s designer will likely show you a limited selection of options. Will that selection be based on your unique preferences? Not likely. The options you’re shown will probably represent what the builder has convenient access to—often whatever are the latest trends in homebuilding.

But how about what you really like? And what about when those trends . . . aren’t so trendy?

Relationship. With a predetermined interior designer, you don’t know the quality of the services you’ll be getting. You also have no idea how well you’ll click. Interior design can be a highly personal process. When you and your designer are in sync—that’s when truly amazing results happen. In other words, the importance of the connection you have with your interior designer cannot be overestimated.

You may get a new house—but it’s not a home until it’s really you. And that happens by having an interior designer that understands you and helps create a space that reflects who you are and how you want to live.